We Offer “Hassle Free Catering"

The last thing you want to worry about while planning a fishing outing is who’s bringing the food and drinks. We know food and beverages are an important part of any outing; particularly if you are going to be out in the sun on the ocean. Let us handle that part for you with our “Hassle Free Catering". Here is what you can choose from; just let us know your number and we will stock more than enough to serve your whole group.

Drink Cooler: Filled with soft drinks, bottled water, and ice cold beer

Snack Basket: Assorted chips, granola bars, individually wrapped cookies and candy bars

Continental Breakfast: Individual bottle of fresh squeezed Florida orange juice, bagel with cream cheese or mini muffins and granola bars

Catered Lunches: Freshly sliced turkey breast, roast beef or tuna salad, chips and cookies