Frequently Asked Questions!

Here are a few of the questions we are asked over the period of doing business.

  1. What should we wear and bring?

    Hats, boat shoes or sneakers with light colored soles and comfortable clothing and don't forget your sunglasses and sunscreen.

  2. What about food and drinks?

    Our catering is hassle free and ready to go when you arrive for your charter. We offer individual breakfasts and lunches as well as snack baskets and, of course, ice cold drinks.

  3. Can we bring our own food?

    You're welcome to bring any food and drinks that you would like (We will have a cooler filled with ice for your drinks).

    Yes, we have no bananas, we have no bananas today!

    WARNING! Bananas may ruin your day of fishing. Yeah, they look harmless and are a key ingredient in making a banana split, just not on a boat. Bananas should not be consumed prior to boarding and must never be brought onboard with the idea of saving them for later". Once their aboard the damage is done!
    Captains and crews from all over the world have witnessed the destructive power of the banana and anything even slightly related to bananas. In fact, we have heard of captains requesting ladies to throw their "Banana Republic" tops overboard in an effort to save the day of fishing. Suntan oil, especially Banana Boat tanning oil is strictly prohibited!

  4. Do we need a fishing licenses?

    All fishing licenses, tackle, fuel and ice are included.

  5. How many people can we bring?

    The maximum number of guests allowed by the US Coast Guard is six (6).

  6. Do we need any experience?

    No experience needed, we'll teach you everything you need to know about sport fishing. Many of our charters include guests who have never been on a boat before and leave loving the sport.

  7. Are young children allowed?

    Of course they are, we encourage Moms and Kids to come fishing and of course kids fish free!

  8. What kind of fish can we catch?

    Fishing varies from season to season. Generally speaking, you could catch a variety of pelagic game fish which include: Kingfish, Tunas, Sailfish, Sharks, Mahi-Mahi and Wahoo

  9. Do we keep the fish we catch?

    We proudly practice "catch and release" for our billfish and sharks. Some of the fish we catch are edible, but there are size and bag limits on almost all species. If you would like to keep a few to eat, please let us know so we can fillet them for you when we return to the dock.

  10. What if we want to have a mount made of our fish?

    Gray Taxidermy , the world's largest taxidermist uses state of the art technology and no longer requires the actual fish. All that's needed is the measurements and your trophy fish can be handmade for you. It's a win-win situation, you won the battle and the fish gets to fight another day!

  11. Can we bring wine and alcohol?

    Yes, but a word to the wise. Please have a designated driver if you plan on pounding down the drinks. Consuming large quantities of alcohol (the night before and during your charter) often leads to seasickness. Once you're back on dry land you can celebrate your trophy catch with a night on the town!